Back To School – Is Your Child Ready?

By August 18, 2015 Fitness, Kid's Program

Back to School Shopping List –
Did You Forget the Most Important Thing?

You Bought Pencils…You Bought a New Backpack…What About Self-Confidence?

Back To School – Is Your Child Ready? Studies show that children who are more confident will do better in school, are less likely to get into trouble and will lead happier overall lives…. And it’s great exercise, and it’s a great way to make new friends and IT’S FUN. The list of benefits goes on and on – and it’s something your child will look forward to!

Our Jiu-Jitsu focused Anti-Bullying program isn’t focused on VIOLENCE. It is focused on PREVENTION. We teach simple concepts and techniques that are geared to your individual child. Our focus is not only how to de-escalate a bullying situation, but how to prevent it before it even starts.

Back To School - Is Your Child Ready?

We teach important and proven techniques like;

1.) Don’t stand like a victim – the physiology of confidence…
2.) Don’t react like you are scared… or looking for trouble – reactions that make a bully think twice…
3.) Awareness of “bully traps” – and how to avoid the trouble altogether

Kid's Back To School Anti-Bully Classes in Porter Ranch

But that’s only half of the plan. If your child finds themselves in a situation where they have to defend themselves, we teach them a variety of techniques that will let them confidently;

1.) Manage the distance between them and the bully so they can stay safe if a bully is trying to strike them

2.) Get somebody off of them who is holding them down or physically controlling them

3.) Use leverage based techniques to control the attacker and defend themselves… and much more.

Kid's Back To School Anti-Bully Classes in Porter Ranch

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