Don’t Get Punched In the Face

By March 19, 2015 Kid's Program

Mike Tyson sad it best – “Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face”. Our base fundamental training is to not get knocked out. To make sure our students understand that concept, we do drills and games that will allow for reflex development and reaction based activity.

The most important part of training self defense is situational awareness, and that includes understanding body language, distance, and when to move your head.
Dont Get Punched IN the Face - Anti Bully  Program for Kids in Northridge
From playing dodge ball, to our student’s favorite “Don’t Get Punched In the Face’ game, we continuously drill how to read body language, keep the distance and moving your head out of the way so that you Don’t Get Punched in the Face.

It seems like a simple enough concept, but it definitely takes lots of practice to get your reaction time down. Check out our instagram hashtag #DontGetPunchedInTheFace for some videos of our games and drills that keep our kids safer and sharp. Self Defense is a system, and we make sure we cover as many elements as we possibly can during our class.

Studies show that kids who are more confident do better in school, tend to stay out of trouble, and live overall happier lives.

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