Thursday No Gi

By July 13, 2015 No Gi

Thursday means training!

We just started our Thursday No Gi classes.

Starting right at 7:30pm our beginner’s no gi class started this summer 2015. We go over some tournament based sequences, as well as some fight scenario situations. Feel free to wear your gi pants with a t-shirt, or routine board shorts/spats or your rash guard…whatever is going to make you comfortable for training. Immediately following our beginner class is our intermediate/advanced class and then some free sparring.

No Gi MMA Classes with Black Belt Instructor Pat King at Royce Gracie Northridge

Our No Gi Classes are included in the monthly unlimited class package, or you can take advantage of our $25 class drop in rate, or smaller class packages and customize your own unique training schedule. See you on the mat! To inquire about our class tuition rates, simply send us an email or give us a call at 818-900-3775.

Thursday Class schedule with black belt instructor Pat King:
6:30 pm Conditioning & Fight Bootcamp $10 no membership required. Ages 14 + up.
7:30 pm No Gi – Beginners
8:30 pm No Gi – Intermediate/Advanced
See you on the mat!


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